Riverfest 2017

Over 40, 000 people flocked to Limerick over the May Bank Holiday weekend for Riverfest 2017, the city’s biggest ever summer festival! Riverfest 2017. It was one of the most fabulous festivals to work on and soaking up the electric atmosphere and watching the impressive events on display.

This has been a brilliant event led by the city of Limerick and we helped bring national exposure to the festival and widen its reach within the city and harness the power of social by engaging all the businesses of Limerick supplying them with content and getting them to truly buy into this wonderful event. 

Overall we managed the whole digital campaign management reaching over 1 million people on Facebook alone. We increased awareness of each sub event that Limerick was hosting to its target demographics increasing numbers engaged in each event.

We managed all digital advertising, TV adverts and digital engagement with key stakeholders. This is an event that is ready to rival any festival across the country and is such a powerful celebration of Limerick City.