Galway Hurlers-We Love You!

We wanted to capture that on a once-in-a-generation moment to celebrate Galway’s historic win in the most memorable way possible. Working for our clients the Skeff we had the perfect setting.
A giant screen beside their business, a sunny day and thousands of Galway fans ready and waiting to see their first All Ireland Hurling title in over 29 years. All we needed was a victory now?
We set out to build an emotive video that would capture the tingling, the doubt and suspense of an epic day. We then were able to turn this video out so that the video would have maximum impact by making sure the video was launched across the internet the morning after the game as Galway people were still on a high and before the flood of other official and unofficial videos flooded through. While Galway celebrated, we edited through the night and posted the finished product at 8am the next day
The result
We exceeded all expectations. The video was shared across multiple media sections and was viewed by over 200,000 in the first couple of days. The impact was a timeless moment for Galway putting the Skeff in the heart of the action.